2018 AWANA Grand Prix Schedule
Grand Prix registration Deadline & kick off meeting
Friday 2/02 7:30-8:15PM Room 142
Pick Up Car Kits
Friday 2/09 7:30 & 9:30PM Room 144-b
Workshop I (Cutting & Carving)
Friday 3/09 9:30-10:30PM Fellowship Hall
Sunday 3/11 1:00-2:00PM Fellowship Hall
Workshop II (Sanding & Polishing)
Friday 3/16 9:30-10:30PM Fellowship Hall
Sunday 3/18 1:00-2:00PM Fellowship Hall
Workshop III (Drilling & Add Weight)
Friday 3/23 9:30-10:30PM Fellowship Hall
Sunday 3/25 1:00-2:00PM Fellowship Hall
Workshop IV (Polishing & Final Touches)
Friday 3/30 9:30-10:30PM Fellowship Hall
Sunday 4/01 1:00-2:00PM Fellowship Hall
Check In & Test Run
Thursday 4/05 7:30-9:00PM Multi-Use Room
Race Date
Friday 4/06 7:30-10:00PM Multi-Use Room

Grand Prix Registration (English)

Grand Prix Registration (Chinese)

Grand Prix Kick Off

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Grand Prix Rules

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