September 5, 2005

CCIC Cupertino AWANA Club Codes of Conduct


To ensure a safe, fun, and meaningful AWANA experience, the following guidelines have been established. All clubbers are expected to obey and follow these codes of conduct while at CCIC Cupertino AWANA. Please instruct and encourage your children in any areas that may be difficult for him or her.


AWANA General Codes of Conduct


•  All Sparks, T&T clubbers should arrive at Social Hall at 7:15pm but no later than 7:30pm. Late comers will be admitted after the presenting of flags. Cubbies should report directly to their class (Room 109) by 7:30pm. Clubbers are under the supervision of their parents until arriving at Social Hall. AWANA Club starts promptly at 7:30 p.m. and ends at promptly at 9:30p.m.

•  For attending AWANA session, each clubber is expected to arrive on or before 7:30 PM, wear uniform properly and name badge pinned correctly, bring a NIV version Bible, AWANA handbook, and $1 due. The dues are used to purchase treats for AWANA store.

•  During the opening ceremony, all clubbers need to stand at full attention on the designated lines for his/her respected groups. Talking, slouching, swaying, fidgeting are not acceptable.

•  During the game time, no clubbers are allowed to leave the game floor without permission from line leaders, directors, or commander. This includes going to restroom or drinking water.

•  During the closing ceremony, all clubbers must remain at his/her designated location until dismissed by the closing ceremony host.

•  All clubbers must form line waiting for post AWANA snacks. One line for SPARKS and One line for T&T.

•  During and after the snack time, clubbers are expected to clean up after themselves. Any used cups and plates need to be disposed in the proper container. Any spills should be reported and/or wiped clean.

•  At the end of every club night, all clubbers should remain INSIDE of the church building until their parents/guardian come in for pick up.

•  AWANA clubbers are encouraged to regularly attend club and Sunday school. To receive attendance awards, AWANA clubbers must comply with the following AWANA attendance standards:

•  Clubber can only have 4 unexcused absences during the entire AWANA year. Sickness, family vacation and other circumstances outside of clubber's control are considered excused absence.

•  Clubber is required to notify his/her leader, director, or church if he/she needs to be absent other than sickness.

•  Five Count : When the commander, directors, or leaders in charge begins to count five to one, everyone should IMMEDIATELY be quiet, still, and stand at attention.

•  Three Count : Commander and directors utilize the "three count" for individual clubber who does not follow the AWANA club behavior standards. If a clubber receives three warnings/”counts” in one session, he or she will spend the rest of the evening separated from other clubbers and their parents will be called. In severe cases, the clubber may be suspended from attending for up to two weeks. The Commander will determine whether the clubber will serve a one- or two-week suspension from club.

Commander or directors will give a first warning/count to a clubber who is not following club rules, and explain what happen if s/he gets 2nd and 3 rd warning/count. If a clubber gets 2nd count, s/he will be brought to the commander. If a clubber gets 3rd count, s/he will be suspended from the rest of evening and parents will be called.


AWANA Individual Codes of Conduct


•  Obey all AWANA leaders, directors, and commander.

•  Clubber must participate in all AWANA activities (unless temporarily excused from games with a leader approval or a note from parents).

•  Respectful language is always expected before, during and after the AWANA session.

•  Pushing, shoving, roughhousing is not allowed.

•  Care and respect should be shown for church property and equipment.

•  Running is allowed only on the Game Square during certain games.

•  When moving from one place to another, clubbers must walk quietly and orderly.

•  Tennis or gym shoes must be worn each meeting. No open toe shoes or sandals allowed.

•  Chewing gum, cell phones, CD players, toys, hand held games, and other personal items should be left at home and not brought to club.

•  Upon receiving the uniform, clubber should wear it to every regular AWANA meeting. The uniform should be clean and in good condition.

•  Awards are presented only to clubbers who have properly worn the uniform.




Participating AWANA is a privilege. In case of extreme disorderliness in an AWANA session, commander or directors may revoke it for a certain period of the game time, entire AWANA session, or potential suspension.



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