Q1 What is the AWANA program in CCIC cupertino?
Q2 How should I do if my kids can't attend Awana this week?
Q3 What is Awana Cubbies?
Q4 What is Awana Sparks?
Q5 What is Awana T&T?
Q1. What is the AWANA program in CCIC cupertino?

Awana is a Bible-centered children's ministry in CCIC Cupertino. It is a wonderful way that God has chosen to bring lots of boys and girls into a living relationship with Jesus. Children love to go to Awana, and this is what makes Awana unique:

•  Clear, consistent presentation of the gospel
•  Bible memory – our cornerstone
•  Circle games exclusive to Awana
•  A fun approach to learning God's Word

Handbook, Bible and uniforms are the three essentials for a Awana clubber. Handbook keeps track of your child's progress on Bible memory, Bible is the center of learning and the uniform lets others know that your child is a member of our club. They will attach their awards to it as soon as they get the awards. Awana is loaded with exiting activities, tons of organized games get everyone's participation, unleashing your kids energy and enthusiasm.

However, we also like to blend fun with discipline. The purpose of discipline is to teach Christ-like behavior, not merely a set of rules. To discipline is to teach or mold; discipline is done for your child. By setting a model of Christ-like conduct at home, your child will see the reinforcement of Awana standards in you.

We meet at Friday nights from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Come and join us! Back To FAQ Top

Q2. How should I do if my kids can't attend Awana this week?
Ans: This came cross last Friday that one clubber asked who he should contact
if he was sick and cannot come in Friday. Can book leaders let their
clubbers know their phone numbers? This way we can hold our clubbers
accountable of notifying leaders when they will not come. If they notify
in advance, the absence is considered as an excused absence when giving
attendance award. Back To FAQ Top
Q3 What is Awana Cubbies?
Ans: Cubbies is the Awana Club for preschoolers during the two years prior to regular kindergarten, usually three- and four-year-olds. Cubbies involve both parents and leders in the spiritual growth and development of the clubber. Through games, Bible memorization, handbooks, and awards cubbies are taught basic bible truth.
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Q4 What is Awana Sparks?  
Ans: Sparks is the Awana Club for kindergartners, first-graders, and second-graders. Each club meeting has three parts. During Game time Sparkies participate in exiting games on the Awana Game Circle. In Sparkle Time clubbers learn and recite memory verses, as they gain a greater understanding of the Bible. Clubbers gather for an age appropriate Bible message in Green Meadow Time.
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Q5 What is Awana T&T?  
Ans: Truth and Training is an exciting new program from Awana. This program replaces the old gray shirt program of Pals, Pioneers, Chums and Guards. However the basic principles of this program are still the same. The night is still divided up into 3 parts; Game Time , Handbook Time and Counsel Time Clubbers learn the truth in God's Word and are trained how to apply it.
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